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Here at Benview we try to keep up to date with modern trends, and there has been a spike in the demand for houseplants, so for 2020 we have transformed one of our rooms to now solely focus on houseplants -- our collection is ever growing, so come check it out. 

We have a large selection of both succulents and cacti, a variety of houseplants in lots of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. Or, if you fancy something unique, why not come and check out our air plants?

Add a splash of colour to your home with one of our many varieties of houseplants! 

Take a look at some of the plants that we have to offer


We have something for everyone, whether you prefer the more plain or the more wacky. 

Cacti & Succulents

These type of plants have the ability to store water within their leaves/stems, this allows them to survive in dry habitats.  They can make a wonderful and quirky addition to your home, and are relatively easy to care for. 



Ideally should be open and free-draining to avoid excess water being stored.

Cactus compost is recommended, you can buy some here in our shop.


Be careful not to over water. 

Every plant is different, we advise you to research what your specific one needs. 


During summer, they would benefit from fresh air and should be kept in a well-ventilated area. 

Air Plants

Botanical Name : Tillandsia

Air plants do not need to be watered much, they have specialised leaves which are used to obtain all the water and nutrients which they need to survive from the air. Their roots function to attach onto rocks or grit, and with little maintenance needed, they should live a long life if cared for. 



Avoid direct contact with sunlight, especially if through glass.


Keep the area well-ventilated.​


Plants should be immersed in rainwater 2-3 times a week during Spring - Autumn. Its very important that the plants are able to dry off, so dont do this when the temperatures are low. 


Ideally kept between 12-30 degrees celsius. 

You will also find a large selection of pots to use for your houseplants, we are particularly proud of our 

collection of environmentally friendly pots made from recycled paper. 

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