Long overdue update!

Hello Everybody! 

I haven't updated the Benview site since March and there is so much to report!

The big news is that we purchased the cafe next door! Below is Graham's recent announcement made on on our Facebook page.

Exciting News
After several years of waiting, the coffee shop is soon to become part of the garden centre. Wednesday, May 4th, is the official unification date, though it will actually change today Monday 2nd. You may be glad to hear that we in the garden centre will not be running it ourselves (we’re better sticking to what we know i.e. growing plants) but are leaving it in the very capable hands of David MacMillan who many of you will know from his time running MacMillan’s Bistro in Buchlyvie .
It will not be transformed overnight, although the menu will start to change immediately and the opening hours will now be in line with the garden centre (9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm on Sunday). The dress shop is also being changed into an area for mainly gardening-related gifts. 
We hope you’ll come and support David and the coffee shop as it evolves over the next while and settles in to being an integrated part of the garden centre.


We're pretty happy to have David and his team join Benview. I've taken it upon myself to work through David's menu (don't tell my husband I'm buying lunch everyday now...) it's all really, really good. David's menu reflects the seasons and he uses the freshest produce. Great people making great food!


(Published May 7, 2016) 


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Benview Garden centre is an independent garden centre situated 4 miles south of Aberfoyle in the the beautiful Trossachs area of Central Scotland within easy reach of Glasgow and only half an hour from Stirling. We run a farm shop, sell pet supplies and grow a large proportion of our own plants to suit the Scottish climate. We have everything you need for your garden...and more.

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We've been doing our homework and went to a recording of the BBC Radio 4 Gardener's Question Time. We were in the audience for two shows, the first aired on Friday October 2. The second show will air in November so keep an eye out for the shows recorded in Gartmore! Wendy our Manager, pictured below, will be on the November program with the team answering her question about Gooseberry Sawfly. A big thanks to the Gartmore Hoticultural Society who organised the event and click here to go directly to the Gardener's Question Time page. Eric Robson chaired the two shows with Chris Beardshaw, Bunny Guinness and Christine Walkden on the panel.

Wendy the manager
Wendy our garden centre manager, problem in your garden? Ask Wendy!