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Recent years have seen the popularity of, and demand for houseplants increase dramatically. We have a dedicated indoor/house plant room in our Garden shop to focus solely on helping you bring colour indoors. 

We have a large selection of both succulents, cacti, and a variety of houseplants in lots of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. If you fancy something unique, why not check out our air plants?

General Plants

We stock a large variety of indoor plants, ranging from ferns, calatheas, spider plants etc. We also have a range of bits and pieces to help your house plants thrive, such as feed, misters, ornate stones, macrame hangers etc. 

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Cacti & Succulents

These type of plants have the ability to store water within their leaves/stems, allowing them to survive in dry habitats. They can make a wonderful and quirky addition to your home, and are relatively easy to care for. 


Air Plants

These plants do not need to be watered much, they have specialised leaves which are used to obtain water and nutrients from the air. Their roots function to attach onto rocks or grit and with little maintenance they should live a long life - if cared for properly. 



Top Tips for Cacti & Succulents!

- Compost : Ideally should be open and free draining to avoid excess water being stored. You can buy specialist cactus compost in our store. 

- Water : Be careful not to overwater. These plants don't need a lot of water. You are best to let them dry out completely between waterings. 

- Air : During summer they would benefit from fresh air and should be kept in a well ventilated area. 

Top Tips for Air Plants! 

- Light : Avoid direct contact with sunlight, especially if through glass. 

- Air : Keep the area well ventilated.

- Water : Plants should be misted on occasion, and should be soaked every so often. You should use filtered water or rainwater where possible

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