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Outdoor Plants

We are an independent garden centre who grow most of our plants ourselves and always (where possible) choose Scottish for the rest. We have a sister nursery near Stirling where the majority of our plants are grown - so they are used to the local climate and soil.

We have a selection of fruit trees, ornamental trees, a diverse collection of shrubs, bedding, perennials, vegetable plants, fruit bearing plants and much, much more! If you are looking for a plant we don't stock, we might be able to source it. 



We are a small independent centre, and we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of plants. Our gardeners and staff are always on hand to help you with any queries, or even just to point you in the direction of the plant you are

looking for.


We have a variety of bedding plants that are lovingly grown on site, as well as some locally sourced. No matter what time of the year, you will find something to brighten up your tubs/ pots/ containers. We currently have our summer bedding on sale, including lobelia, fuchsias, geraniums and begonias - just to name a few!

We have a great collection of Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Alpines, Herbaceous Perennials, Herbs, Veg, Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Climbers etc. 

We also stock a large range of flower, veg and herb seeds, including those which are organic, RHS and wildflower mixes. 

tulip 2


Here is a selection of pictures of

just some of the plants we stock!