Pet & Wild Bird Supplies...

Our pet supplies shop has an extensive array of foods, treats and accessories for dogs, cats and small furry critters. Our wild bird food and accessories section is also well stocked with different seed mixes etc. to cater for any species of wild bird that you have or want to attract to your garden.

Dog Care

We stock a large selection of food and yummy treats for your doggie, a variety of toys, comfy beds, leads and collars and other things to help keep your pooch looking beautiful. 

Soft and HardToys

Food & Treats

Some of our leading brands are... Wagg, Dr John, Burns, Iams, Chappie, Field and Trial, Skinners, Pedigree.

However, if you are looking for a specific item that we do not normally  stock, we can try and get it in for you. 

We cater to all, whether you need some puppy food for a new addition to the family or some yummy food for your older pooch. 

We also have food for your working dogs. 


Collars and Leads, etc


Bird Care

We have a wide selection of all the little things you could possibly need to keep the little birdies happy. 

Variety of bird feeders

A variety of bird snacks, including peanuts, sunflower hearts, nyjer seed and lots more. 

Some nesting boxes

Lots of treats for the little birdies

Chicken Care

Our selection has all you could need to look after your chicks, including a variety of different corns, chicken treats, chick crumbs and all the little bits n bobs that come in handy.

Cat Care

We have a selection of both dry food and pouches for your cat to enjoy. 

We stock a range of brands including Burns, James Wellbeloved, Felix and more!

You will also find a selection of toys for your playful little kitties!

Other Small Animals

We try to stock as much as we can to supply you with all you need for your little furry creatures.

Including degu food, guinea pig mix, feeding hay, straw and hay, rabbit pellets, etc. 

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