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Opening Hours for the Garden Centre will be as NORMAL :
Monday - Sat 9-5pm
Sunday - 10 - 5pm
Café opening hours shall be - 10am-4pm.
Benview has had to adapt in order to fulfil all the new and necessary regulations to keep both our staff and customers safe. Over the last two weeks, we believe that we have managed to provide a safe environment for everyone with the system in place. 
However,  we are very hopeful that on Friday 19th June, Macmillan's Café will be reopening as a TAKE AWAY service only - They are awaiting confirmation from the Scottish Govt. 
This means that in order to facilitate the extra flow of customers expected, we will be reverting to our old parking system.
However, it is still crucial that we control the number of customers shopping in the garden centre at the one time in order to help maintain social distancing. 
We will be doing this by operating a
This means that we will kindly ask that you wait until a trolley / wheelbarrow becomes available for you, before entering the centre. 
(We would ask this even if you are only looking for one or two items.)
If there is no trolley available, we would ask you to queue until one is. 
This system is the easiest way that will allow us to monitor the number of customers inside at the one time. 
We now have a trolley parking bay which is covered by a gazebo, this can be used as shelter for those who need to queue. 
We understand how different this will be for those who are regular visitors, but we thank you all for your continued patience. 
  • SHOPS - Both the Garden and Farm shop will be open. 

  • PAYMENT - We will be requesting payment by card wherever possible.
  • SHOPPING LIST - We would ask that you come prepared with a shopping list, knowing what you would like to buy. This will allow you to achieve an efficient, timely shopping experience, while also helping us process as many customers as possible throughout the day. The Garden Centre layout plan will be below, please have a look at this to aid in your planning. We also will continue to update out stock lists on here. 
  • ONE WAY SYSTEM - We will be operating a NEW one way system, you will ENTER via the archway at the Food Shop, working your way around the centre, EXITING through the Garden Shop. You will also be asked to stay mindful and respect social distancing throughout. 
  • COMPOST - If you are only buying compost, you can pay for this at the FOOD SHOP till and then exit through the archway when it is safe.
  • FOOD SHOP CUSTOMERS - We will be allowing one customer (two adults from the same household) into the shop at a time. You can then continue through the garden centre if you wish or, exit through the arch when it is safe to do so. 
  • PERSONALISED SHOPPING ADVICE - Sadly we can not offer this service at this time, it takes too much time and we must try to allow as many customers as possible the opportunity to access to the Centre. 
  • LOYALTY CARD SCHEME - (paw prints) is currently suspended as per guidance given to us. We will review this in the coming months. Stamps will not be backdated. 
  • HTA CARDS / VOUCHERS - Will still be accepted. 
  • TOILETS - Our toilet facility will be closed. 
  • SHIELDING GROUPS - If you are in a vulnerable, shielding group and still requite to self isolate, you CAN still place orders via email or phone for essential items. (pet / general food.) Deliveries will still be available to this group only. 
PLEASE be respectful of social distancing to both fellow customers and our staff members. 
Stay safe and we will see you all soon. 
Love from all the staff at Benview. 

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