A bit about us ...

Benview is a small, friendly garden centre aimed very much at the plant and garden lover. The centre is owned by Graham Scott who has been here for thirteen years. 

Between the team, we have been working with plants for over 40 years and we are always on hand to offer the benefit of our experience. We grow a large proportion of our own plants either on site or at our sister nursery, ensuring the plants will be well suited to the local climate and soil types. 


We offer everything you need to get your garden growing from flower and vegetable seeds, bedding, fruit and veg, perennials, alpines, roses and shrubs, propagation equipment and tools, a wide range of composts, pots and fertilizers, canes, stakes and trellis.


We have free onsite parking with disabled access throughout the centre. There are also local paths to walk your dog if you wish to bring your furry friends down to the centre for a wander with you. 

Situated on the A81 between Balfron and Aberfoyle in the beautiful Trossachs area of Central Scotland, we are ideally placed. With an onsite cafe where you can enjoy a coffee and a cake while overlooking the mountains. 

Opening Hours :


Summer hours 

Mon - Sat : 9am - 5pm 

Sun : 10am - 5pm 

Winter hours 

Mon - Sat : 9.00 - 4.30 pm

Sun : 10am - 4.30pm 

These hours apply to both our garden centre, 

farm shop and MacMillans Cafe.

We are currently operating our summer hours. 

Houseplants have become an increasingly popular feature which can help liven up any space in your home, or add a splash of colour. 

Bird seed, hangers, boxes and baths. Dog and cat food, treats, accessories and beds. Small animal supplies.

We have it all ! 

Whether you're after something tall, small, bright, evergreen, unique, or simply something new, we will have you covered . 


Big or small, we have a wide range of both garden and indoor pots. Ranging from terracotta, plastic, hanging pots, troughs, and many more. 

A variety of cheeses, bread, jams, chocolates, cakes and other yummy items can be found in our gift shop. Alongside many wonderful gifts and cards. 

Now the hard work begins, we stock a wide range of tools and equipment to try and make this part as easy as possible for you.